Rebecca and Claudia met in 2010. Inspired by each other’s work for many years, this is their project together.

Claudia and Rebecca offer a truly unique combination. You will experience the unique combination of Rebecca’s movement skills in ELDOA, Pilates-inspired exercise, somatic explorations and breath work and Claudia’s special body therapy approach with roots in the Grinberg and Pantarei methods.


Cultivating Ease:

A course to explore the body´s wisdom and the power of trusting intuition.


You can learn to connect more with yourself and move towards a daily life with more freedom, fulfillment and ease.

In this challenging climate, when was the last time you really connected with yourself?
How often do you experience ease in your life?
Do you want to work with your personal themes that disconnect you from ease and presence?
Do you feel the need to be more resilient in order to cope with the demands of the quality of life that we face today?
Do you want to recharge and reconnect to the flow state for more power and confidence?


The courses have different focus topics, more information about them videos and registration: