Architect, 44 years: “After surgical procedure for Morton’s Neuroma in my left foot (in January 2013), the healing was not  proceeding as planned. My foot was very stiff and inflexible, the scar was red, swollen and not closing completely.Over the next 3 months, Claudia did an amazing job reducing the swellingand healing my scar by bringing my attention to this area of my body. She helped me understand how years for pain from the neuroma had influenced the way I used my body in an attempt to cut of the unpleasant feelings. Claudia taught me how to walk again by stopping the undesirable behavior. The sessions in many ways changed the way I perceive my health, body and mind.”

Pilatesteacher, 28 years: “While beginning to build a small business, I found myself experiencing a recurring pattern where things would begin to grow and then inevitably crash to a point where I would feel as if I had to start all over again.  I met Claudia at a very low point in this process and was very taken by her confidence in the bodywork as a way to stop this pattern and get my business running smoothly.  Without knowing much about the method or understanding how it works, I am very happy to say that shortly after I began sessions in 2011 my business took off and I have found a level of stability in my life that I never imagined was possible. Even though I felt like I was already highly attuned to the body from years of dance, yoga, meditation, and Pilates experience, the bodywork has completely expanded my perception of the body and this has given me previously unknown layers of strength, power, and energy to use in daily life.  I am most surprised by how something like poor decision-making, (i.e. agreeing to something out of obligation versus genuine desire) manifests itself in the body by decreasing the strength, power, and energy that otherwise, I am free to simply enjoy!”

Teacher, 36 : “After struggling with anxiety for years, a friend referred me to Claudia.  I have to admit that since I hadn’t heard of it before, I was pretty skeptical about that kind of work. However, as soon as I met Claudia, any doubts faded away as she helped me to reconnect with my body and in doing so, change the patterns created from years of unproductive thinking. Her analogy of an onion was perfect; little by little she and I worked together to peel away layers of my past to help get to the core of what was really fueling my anxieties.(…) but along the way I could feel my confidence in myself becoming more pronounced.  This kind of strength and change was not something that was going to happen overnight, but it was the kind of change that was lasting.  I learned that with every negative thought and every anxious moment, parts of my body were holding and contracting. As Claudia helped me to become more aware of these areas in my body, I found I was able to let them go more easily in moments of fear and uncertainty.   I have been able to process and move on from so many things that had been holding me back. I feel so lucky to have found Claudia and her work!”