I offer three modules for sensitive women who want to transform some aspect of their professional or private life or individual sessions. The modules are a unique combination of bodywork and elements of coaching.Working with the body is in the center. I’m curious if you recognize yourself:

Are you also someone who wants to go their own way? But that it’s not so easy for you? Even though you know exactly what you want! That from a lack of certainty, you constantly question yourself: Will I manage it?; Can I do this?; Am I allowed do this? Am I good enough to do this? Or you are actually well on your way but then something, always seemingly at the same point, happens to stop you? Perhaps at the point where you almost make it, but then you fall back? Because you are unsure whether you can or are allowed do this for real now? And do you know, that your body is expressing, that something is wrong through tensions/pain etc. Does that fit to you? Okay, then let’s move confidently and steadily on to the next steps.

If our sensitivity overrides us, then we develop tools and ways to try to turn it off. What a pity! There are some great possibilities and combinations in us when we connect our sensitivity with our other resources. We then have an unbeatable and fantastic toolbox.

Through our work together, my clients gain absolute confidence in themselves, their way and their body. They experience meaningful stability and an understanding of the connections from their sensitivity to their inner attitude and body.

We accomplish this with my beloved combination of individual body work, structured coaching and a pinch of spirituality. You learn to create and develop how new and beautiful things manifest in your life, and to use your body as a tool for it! Most of the time, we know exactly what is right, and important to us, and what we want, but sometimes we do not allow ourselves to do it.

The focus is on what you want to transform/shift/change/improve with all your sensitivity – your new job, your self-confidence, your projects, your quality time, your ability to draw boundaries, to make decisions….it is actually that what you dream and hope for, that you or it will sometime be like this. All this in realtion to the body. Oftentimes, sensitive woman also develop a restrictive physical blockage exactly in the moments in which they know what they want to change. For example, headaches because of excessive thinking; back pain from too much exertion; neck tension from overly keeping track of everything; stomach pain due to inner restlessness; insomnia from agitation, etc. Our body is actually always attempting to balance our hyperactive emotions and thoughts.

Read here, what my clients say: TESTIMONIALS


Do you want to know what we will do to get the right impetus for your transformation? In individual sessions, you learn how for example, questioning your value or self-confidence, anxiety, doubt or hesitation in what you are capable of creating, reflects in your body. Or what happens when you have a pain or discomfort or a symptom in the body. And you learn exactly how to let it go. For that reason I work with direct touch on the body, verbal communication and attention. This way you connect more with your body and gain an enormous awareness. You gradually gain exactly the qualities that have been missing for you to go on your way. All this happens in a protected and secure space. The coaching part will help you for holding the focus and to support your manifestation.The trust in your body becomes steady, calm, and nourishing. Your sensitivity becomes your strength and your intuition will be refined and sharpened. You will gain courage and your clarity will help with decision-making.

The meeting is 90 minutes.
The cost of “your first meeting” is 150 € (plus VAT).
In that meeting we get to know each other, you get your first bodywork session and I explain the strategy for you and your goal. It is designed as a starting point and decision-making aid for choosing a module and is also absolutely valuable as a single session. If you decide for one of the modules this first session will be number one of your module.

We align your attitudes/beliefs/opinions/views so that you know exactly how you want to proceed. For this, we also work energetically, finely and with context from you previous experiences. In addition, I love good tools for self-exercise which I give you in personal trainings to practice independently and self-sufficiently.

I offer three different modules for you. Have a look at what suits you best:
At the center of each module is, of course your goal/ your aim that you really want to reshape in your life right now. This sets the appropriate impetus for the module.

BODY IN THE CENTER for sensitive women, that what an impuls: 3 sessions of 1.5 – 2 hours.After theses three meetings you have learned how to use your body as a tool whenever needed and whatever challenge you might have in life.The best time for this module are 2 – 4 weeks. You will get a set of six powerfull exercises and an audio with the tool of visualisation with the body in the center.Costs: € 570 plus 19% VAT

BODY IN THE CENTER 5 sessions module – for sensitive women with a more urgent drive.
5 sessions of 1.5 -2  hours.Personal Trainings between the sessions, what I absolutly recommend (see below). In this module, you will learn clarity about your next steps. I usher you out of your comfort zone. Your confidence, both in yourself and in your body, strengthens. This allows you to remain focused and to have the energy needed to go on in a structured way and, move to actively realize your transformation. The best time for this module is 5 – 7 weeks.

Costs: 950€ plus 19% VAT. with personal training 750€ plus VAT without training ( payments by installments possible)

BODY IN THE CENTER 8 sessions module – for sensitive makers .
8 sessions of 1.5 -2 hours.Personal Trainings between the sessions (see below). We go even deeper in this module. You learn the blockages in your body and the restrictive mindsets that have been limiting your life for a lifetime. In this way you gain the resources of your body whose qualities will perpetually nourish and strengthen you. You choose your direction and I accompany on the way. The best period for this module is 3 – 4 months.Costs € 1,440 plus 19% VAT (payments by installmets possible)

Personal Trainings:
The training at home is designed to deepen what is learned during the sessions, to support and nurture you if it becomes difficult. Any physical issue you may have will also be addressed. All of this together will strengthen your skill set, e.g. clarity, calm, strength, inner silence or concentration, relaxation, communication or decision-making – it is tailored individually to you, your personality, and the goal that you have, and designed to fit into your everyday life as seamlessly as possible. In each module you will get a specific set of exercises  plus an audio for the tool visualisation. You will receive the training via email every week after your session. It will take 10 – 15 minutes of your time 1 – ” times a week.


If the modules are not fitting for you, you do have the possibilty to book an individual session. The session will be in impulse for the subject/physical condition that you are busy with. It is not a replavement for the module, where we follow an aim constantly and it is without personal training.

COSTS: 75 minutes   125€ plus 19% VAT