About me

Claudia MunzAbout Me

I have always been searching…as a kid it was countless shells on the beach and then it continued on to questions about the meaning of life and of spirituality. This searching and questioning coupled with my high sensitivity brought me to certain borders at an early age. I often felt that I was in the wrong place, too sensitive for the world and my fellow human beings, and not suitable for what everyone else was doing in life.

This has led me to always want to be far away. After finishing high school, I discovered traveling as a means of searching and no destination could be too far away. I traveled alone through South America, with friends through Asia and North Africa, explored the United States and zig-zagged through Europe [verb missing in german sentence?]. When this outside searching did not fully satisfy me anymore, I traveled inside and moved to an ashram in southern Sweden where I lived and worked for some time. I’m practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years now and am so grateful to have these tools.

In the following years I lived between Berlin and Copenhagen and managed to move thirteen times within these two cities.All my searching was to try find a way to, more than anything, integrate who I am into life. It took me a long time to understand this.

With work, I also never wanted to have a one career and tried out many things. In between traveling I studied painting and stage design, worked at a theatre, and had very happily a fashion label for four years with stores in Copenhagen and Berlin. I always had to do something with my hands and I love to try and explore all types of things. But each time when I thought I had found my calling, after a few months or years, I started over again…what do I really want? Can I be here as I am? Is this my way?

These times were extremely challenging for me because I had no idea anymore how to continue and I also felt so clearly that something new must happen. Sometimes I was lost and I thought of giving up; of asking someone else to briefly take over my life so I could have a break. But in the end, the only thing that worked was finding my trust again – in myself, in my intuition and in my body. What I learned in all these years, is that I can always trust my intuition!

Today I have the feeling that I am more settled (there is always wiggle room =)). And I am lucky enough to have a business/job/function/purpose where my sensitivity, attention and intuition are the most important tools. My work is made up of what has brought me the most in life and what I find the most powerful: bodywork, coaching, and a pinch of yoga and meditation. Over the last nine years this combination has crystallized. I use additional projects to address my urge to develop and create new things and then bring them to life. This brings me a lot of joy.

And here are the professional facts for those interested:
I am a qualified practionaire of the Grinberg Method (2008 -2011) and a qualified practionaire of Pantarei Approach ( seit 2017).
Here are some of my further studies I took since 2012:
– June 2012 “Integrating 3 years of studies”/November 2012 “Recoveryprocess I”/Grinberg Method, 2012/ 2013 several subjectdays of the Grinberg Method: “Learning process”&”Recovery process”,September 2013 “Intensiv processes”,October 2013 “Fire course” – Personal development Kurs/ Grinberg Method
– January 2014 til Mai 2015 weekly coaching with Brigitte Windt/ www.brigitte-windt-consulting.com
– August 2015, Januar 2016, Mai 2016, Juli 2016 yoga and meditationscourses at Yoga im Zentrum/ www.yogaimzentrum.de/harbergen/
– January-May 2017 coaching with Brigitte Windt/www.brigitte-windt-consulting.com, September 2017: physical conditions, www.pantareiapproach.com